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Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

The points to be gained are, to reduce the action of the amatorial

organs of the brain and the secretion of the testes, and to contract

and strengthen the tissue of the seminal vesicles and the prostrate


Take the B D current. First, treat the lowest part of the cerebellum, on

both sides of the spinal cord, with a mild force; using P. P. upon

these organs of amativeness, and N. P. on the dorsal vertebrae. Treat so

some three minutes. Next, increase the current to medium force; and,

taking a handled cup or mug, holding a pint to a quart, mostly filled

with tepid water, drop the penis and testicles into it, along with

the tin electrode P. P., and move N. P., long cord, over the lumbar

vertebrae. Treat in this manner about five minutes. Then place the P. P.

on the pelvis, close above the penis, and again treat with N. P., long

cord, over the small of the back, two or three minutes. Treat about

three times a week.