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Stomach Ulcers

Sources: Papers On Health

Generally the tongue will tell whether the stomach

is ulcerated or not. If the tongue is fiery-looking, and small ulcers

show themselves on it, while food produces pain in the stomach, there

is little doubt of the presence of ulcers there. The tongue may at

once, in such a case, be brushed with weak acid (see Acetic Acid) or

vinegar, so as to cleanse the surface and produce a gentle smarting.

This brushing will quickly
produce a healing change in the tongue,

which guides us to the cure of the stomach. This will be attained by

swallowing teaspoonfuls of the same weak acid. Two or three of these

should be taken at intervals half-an-hour before food. If the case is

severe, the skin over the stomach must be carefully soaped, as directed

in article on HEAD SOAPING (see also Lather; Soap). The four-ply

flannel BANDAGE (see) should also be worn. Do not use drugs, such as

iron, arsenic, or soda, and avoid all narcotics. Persevere with the

weak acid, and a cure will come unless in very obstinate cases indeed.

Care must be taken to avoid irritating food. Milk, or milk and boiling

water is the best diet. A general symptom is severe pain after eating,

relieved by vomiting.

No fluid should be taken hotter than the finger can be held in it. This

is indeed a good rule always in matters of food and drink, which are

often taken too hot, to the injury of the stomach.