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Strabismus Discordance Of The Eyes

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If neither of the rectus muscles have been cut and cicatrized, and if

the deformity be not congenital, it may ordinarily be cured.

Take B D current, with small pointed electrodes. If the eye be turned

inward, insert P. P. in the outer angle of the eye, so as to bear upon

the rectus externus, and N. P. in the inner angle, so as to bear on

the rectus internus. Let the current be of what force the patient can

bear. Withdraw the electrodes frequently, to rest the eye, and then

reapply them. Apply the current in this manner six to ten or twelve

times at a sitting. The eye will soon become inflamed, but the

inflammation will quickly go down. Treat daily, or on alternate days,

as the eye can bear. After treating some ten or twelve times, if the

organ does not come into place let it rest a week, and then resume the

treatment as before.

If the eye be turned outward, treat in the same manner as directed

above, except that in this case, the P. P. must be inserted in the

inner and the N. P. in the outer angle.