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Sources: Disturbances Of The Heart

The question of the advisability of strychnin is a constant subject

for discussion. Strychnin is overused in the cases of most patients

who are seriously ill. In a patient in whom we are trying to cause

nervous and muscular rest, strychnin is certainly contraindicated.

On the other hand, if the heart is acting sluggishly, the peripheral

circulation is imperfect, and atropin is not acting well, it is

advisable to give strychnin in a dose not too large and not too

frequently repeated. Strychnin should be avoided, if possible, in

the evening in order that the patient may sleep. Whether it should

be given by the mouth or hypodermically would depend entirely on the

seriousness of the condition. Once in six hours is generally often

enough for strychnin to be administered unless the dose is very