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Suggestions For The Control Of Athletics

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Sources: Disturbances Of The Heart

1. Gymnasiums and athletic grounds in connection with all colleges,

preparatory schools, seminaries and high schools are essential, and

they should be added to grammar schools whenever possible.

2. Physical training and athletic games, and perhaps some type of

military training are valuable for the proper development of youth.

3. Some forms of competitive games and some competitive feats are

valuable in stimulating training and healthful sports.

4. All competitive sports and all hard training should be under the

advice and supervision of a medical council or a medical trainer.

Competitive sports which are generally recognized as harmful, mostly

on account of their duration as related to the age of the

competitors, should be prohibited.

5. Each boy should be carefully examined by a competent physician to

decide as to his general health, his limitations and the special

training necessary to perfect him or to overcome any defect. Such

examinations are even more essential in schools for girls.

6. In all group training, the weak individuals should be noted by

the medical trainer, and they should receive special and more

carefully graded exercise.

7. In all strenuous training or competitive athletic work, the

participators should all be examined more or less frequently and

more or less carefully for heart strain and albuminuria and also for

a too great increase of blood pressure.

8. All training and all athletic sports should be graded to the age

of the boy or girl and not necessarily to his or her size. Many an

overgrown boy is injured by athletic prowess beyond his heart