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Suppression Of The Menses Amenorrhoea

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

For sudden suppression from taking cold, as by wetting the feet, there

being headache, more or less fever, the pulse frequent and variable,

pains in the small of the back and cramp like pains in the pelvic

region, give, in alternation, _Aconite_ and _Pulsatilla_, as often as

every fifteen or twenty minutes in a violent case, and at longer

intervals as the patient begins to get easy. Putting the feet into hot

water, or
aking a hot Sitz bath is very useful. If the patient is sick

at the stomach, as is often the case, give lukewarm water freely and let

her vomit; after which let her drink freely of water as hot as it can be

safely swallowed, adding milk and sugar to make it palatable. The good

effects that are often attributed to and experienced from the use of

various hot teas in this affection, are, in my opinion, attributable

more to the hot fluid alone than to any specific medicinal virtue in the

substance of which tea is made. At all events, very _hot_ drink with

nothing but water, milk and sugar, is equally efficacious, and my

medicine (a few grains of sugar of milk) put into the hot water,

seasoned as above, has often obtained great credit, when the _hot water_

was alone worthy. Rubbing the loins and abdomen briskly downwards with

the hands of a healthy and vigorous nurse, will often excite the

menstrual flow after a sudden suppression. If the head is hot, the face

full and red, and the arteries of the neck and temples beat violently,

give _Bell._ with _Pulsatilla_, and if the lungs are oppressed, use also

_Bryonia_, giving the three in rotation. If, after the menstrual flow

begins, there is still much pain in the pelvic region, give

_Caulophyllin_, which will immediately afford relief.

_Apis mel._ is very servicable in suppressed menses of several days, or

even weeks duration, where there is fever, redness of the face, and pain

in the head, and pains in the hips extending to the limbs, especially if

there is any tendency to bloating of the abdomen and swelling of the

limbs or feet. It acts _promptly_ and _efficiently_.

If the suppression has been caused by sudden fright or any strong mental

emotion, _Veratrum_ should be given in connection with the two former

medicines. Should there be great fullness of the vessels of the head, or

bleeding at the nose, _Bryonia_ with _Pulsatilla_ are to be used.

_Bell._ is also useful in this case if the pain in the head is

throbbing, especially if any delirium is present.

For suppression in young females, of several months duration, I have

used, with much success, _Podophyllin_ and _Macrotin_, one at night, the

other in the morning, giving them for two or three weeks before the

proper time for a return, and a day or two prior to the time, give also

_Pulsatilla_, and give the three in rotation, a dose every six hours.

This practice has been successful with me in cases of long standing and

apparently obstinate character. Where there is other disease, as an

affection of the liver, lungs or stomach, this must be treated and

cured, or the menses will not probably return. Great care should be

exercised to keep the patient's feet and limbs warm, as upon this may

depend her future health.