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The Period Of Convalescence

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

under the usual drug-treatment, is, however, usually protracted to twice

or thrice the duration of the disease, the patient being compelled to

keep the house for five or six weeks, especially from fear of

_anasarca_, or dropsy of the skin, frequently extending to the inner

cavities of the body, and proving fatal. This dangerous complaint has

been more frequently observed after mild cases of scarlet-fever than

after malignant cases, probably from the fact that in mild cases the

patient is more apt to expose himself, than when the danger is more

obvious and all possible care is taken.--Sometimes also severe rheumatic

pain, or rather neuralgia, in the joints, swelling of the glands, and

other sequels prolong his sickness. I never observed a case of dropsy,

or of neuralgia, after a course of water-treatment.