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The Repugnant Bowel

Categories: Colon Cleansing
Sources: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

I don't know why, but people of our culture have a deep-seated

reluctance to relate to the colon or it's functions. People don't

want to think about the colon or personally get involved with it by

giving themselves enemas or colonics. They become deeply embarrassed

at having someone else do it for them. People are also shy about

farts, and most Americans have a hard time not smiling or reacting

in some way when someone
in their presence breaks wind, although the

polite amongst us pretend that we didn't notice. Comedians usually

succeed in getting a laugh out of an audience when they come up with

a fart or make reference to some other bowel function. People don't

react the same way to urinary functions or discharges, although

these also may have an unpleasant odor and originate from the same

"private" area.

When I first mention to clients that they need a minimum of 12

colonics or many more enemas than 12 during a fasting or cleansing

program they are inevitably shocked. To most it seems that no one in

their right mind would recommend such a treatment, and that I must

certainly be motivated by greed or some kind of a psychological

quirk. Then I routinely show them reproductions of X-rays of the

large intestine showing obvious loss of normal structure and

function resulting from a combination of constipation, the effects

of gravity, poor abdominal muscle tone, emotional stress, and poor

diet. In the average colon more than 50% of the hastrum (muscles

that impel fecal matter through the organ) are dysfunctional due to

loss of tone caused by impaction of fecal matter and/or constriction

of the large intestine secondary to stress (holding muscular tension

in the abdominal area) and straining during bowel movement.