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The Sitz-bath May Be Taken In A Small Wash-tub If There Is No

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

proper sitz-bath-tub at hand. It should be large enough to allow the

water to come up to the navel of the patient, and to permit rubbing. Too

large a tub would not allow the patient to sit in it comfortably. If

there is no tub to fit, a common bathing-tub may be raised on one end,

by putting a piece of wood under it, so as to keep the water all in the

other end, allowing the feet of the patient to be kept out of the water.
/> This latter practice is more convenient with very small children, with

whom, however, the sitz-bath will scarcely be required, a half-bath of

sufficient duration being almost always efficient. It is not advisable

for persons little acquainted with the use of water as a curative, to

let the patient stay very long in the sitz-bath, it being safer to pack

the patient again, and to repeat the sitz-bath after the pack, if his

delirium is not removed, or not lessened in half an hour or

three-quarters of an hour. This alternating with the pack and sitz-bath

should be repeated, till the head becomes clear.