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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

It is difficult to determine the cause of toothache, and more difficult

to select the remedy. It often depends upon decay of the tooth, and

exposure of the nerve to air, and contact with food or drinks, or even

saliva, which irritate and produce pain.

_Pulsatilla_ will as often relieve such cases as any other remedy, yet

if it has been aggravated by a recent cold, _Bell._ and _Nux V._ may be

better. If th
nerve is not exposed, and there is a disposition to a

return of the pain on exposure to cold air, or a change of weather, the

pain being of a _rheumatic_ character, give _Rhus_ and _Macrotin_ in

alternation. These will relieve many cases. For decayed teeth, the pain

being dull aching, with soreness, use _Chamomilla_. The body of the

tooth, that is the dentine, sometimes becomes very sensitive when there

is no decay or cavity, the pain being experienced when some hard

substance hits, or the air or water, either cold or hot, comes in

contact with the tooth. The temporary pain will generally yield to

_Arnica_, and in most instances, the daily use of _Arnica_ at the first

decimal dilution, applied to the surface, and upon the jaws, will effect

a cure.

The _chloride of Zinc_ applied to the surface of such teeth for a few

moments will destroy the sensitiveness of the dentine.

Teeth that are ulcerated at the roots, or have ulcerated gums around

them, the teeth being decayed, should be extracted at once, for, besides

the pain and inconvenience they cause, they are a _very prolific_ source

of _disturbance_ to the digestive organs, from the positive poison

generated by the decaying process.

If people will use soft brushes upon the teeth with soap and water,

followed by rinsing with simple water only, after each meal, brushing

both inside and out and crossways, so as to clean between them, they

will be saved much pain and decay, and disease of other parts, arising

from foul and diseased teeth.