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Anagalis Arvensis

NAT. ORD., Primulaceae.

COMMON NAMES, Scarlet Pimpernel. Poor Man's Weather-Glass.

PREPARATION.--The fresh plant, of the scarlet-flowered variety, gathered

before the development of the flowers, is pounded to a pulp and

subjected to pressure. The expressed juice is mingled with an equal part

by weight of alcohol.

(This paper was arranged from the provings by Dr. W. H.

A. Fitz for the Organon and Materia Medica Society of

Philadelphia, and published in the Medical Advance,


We think of this remedy for the following clinical indications:

Hypochondriasis, mania, epilepsy. Amblyopia, cataract, spots on the

cornea. Syphilis, hepatitis and indurated liver, visceral obstruction,

inflammation of rectum (horses), hemorrhoids, inflammation of kidneys,

gleet, copious urination (horses), gravel, syphilis with deranged mind,

nosebleed, pain in small of back, gonorrhoea, amenorrhoea, cancer of

mammea, sterility (cows), consumption, lumbago, itching, gout, bloody

sweat (murrain of calves), dropsy, ill-conditioned ulcers, snake bites

and hydrophobia, promotes the expulsion of splinters, inflammation of

stomach (horses).

It is characterized by great tickling and itching. We find tickling and

pricking in the urethra, in left ear; on tip of nose; at soft palate as

from something cold; in symphysis pubis; as from a brush against

epiglottis (with hoarseness); pain in right leg and at os illium;

itching on vertex and occiput; of eyelids; in left ear; on cheek bones;

itching and tickling stitches on left corner of mouth and upper lip; in

rectum; at anus after evacuation of bowels; on left side of chest,

principally on nipple; on neck and scapula; on inside of upper arm, just

above elbow joint; on back of right hand; tetter on hands and fingers.

In fact, great itching all over the skin.

HEADACHE just over supra-orbital ridges, with eructations and rumbling

in bowels; spasmodic lancination in temples, extending to eyes; pressive

aching in forehead and occiput from a current of air blowing on him;

intense headache and nausea, with pains throughout the body. Occiput:

dull or tearing pains and inclination to vomit; violent headache, with

hard, knotty stools; knocking pains in left side; dull pain all night.

PAINS: Teeth pain as from cold.

STITCHES: In scalp, over left ear and on occiput; in eyeballs; in

temples; in left corner of mouth; in right ear; in left side, region of

fourth and fifth ribs; in left tibia, when sitting, when moving leg or

foot; disturb sleep.

NEURALGIC PAINS: In right cheek bones.

Rheumatic, gouty pains.

TEARING PAINS: In occiput; in right cheek bone; in upper molars; in

spermatic cords; in muscles of left leg; disturb sleep.

DRAWING PAINS: In right testicle and cord; tensive drawing in left

shoulder to neck, returns when lifting or stretching arms; in muscles of

upper arm; especially when moving hands or arm in writing; in right

carpal and metacarpal bones (sometimes left), returning at regular

intervals; also tearing; in muscles of left leg.

PRESSING PAINS: In forehead and occiput; with stitching in eyeballs; in

eyes; on lungs; in sacrum.

DULL PAIN: In occiput; in hollow tooth, with trembling of heart; in

upper molars; in gums, accompanied by hard stools.

CRAMPS: In right thenar; ceasing there as it goes to the left.

VIOLENT PAIN: As if caused by external pressure on occiput, behind the

left ear; in sacrum when lifting, they take her breath; in muscles of

forearm, inside near elbow joint; in carpal and metacarpal bones,

extending to shoulder; in palm of right hand, extending between thumb

and forefinger, as if a pin were thrust through.

SENSATION: In lungs as if struck by a cushion full of pins; anxiety in

chest; skin of forehead feels too tight; tension in bend of left knee,

as if swollen or sore. Cold or chilly sensation on right frontal

protuberance; in teeth, as if something cold were placed on tongue; at

soft palate, as from touch of something cold; chilly, trembling;

scratching in throat after eating; when reading aloud.

Soreness on chest.

Burning in urethra.

Heat rising to head.

Dryness in throat.

Things seem to float to and fro; he cannot write.

PAIN: In right ear, as if meatus auditorius were obstructed; in facial

muscles, in lungs, in the front and the back up to the scapulae; in right

side of back, followed by violent sneezing; in upper arm, outside, near

the shoulder; pain and twitching in the left thumb; in bend of left

knee; in upper part of metatarsus of right foot; in great and little toe

of left foot in morning; in sole of left foot.

Hence we find under--


Pains in upper limbs.

RIGHT: Chilly sensation in frontal protuberance; pain in the eyeball; in

palm of hand; in about knee and tibia; in foot; pain and stitches in

ear; tickling pains in leg and os ilii; drawing in testes and cord;

pressure on lungs; itching on scapula; weak, lame feeling in leg.

LEFT: Knocking inside of occiput; pain in knee and posterior muscles of

leg; in tibia; in foot; glittering before eye; stitches over ear; in

corner of mouth (and itching); tensive drawing from shoulder; drawing in

muscles of leg; itching in ear; on side of chest; tight feeling in bend

of knee.

MOTION: In bed: trembling of heart with toothache; chilliness.

POSITION: Sitting with legs crossed; pain in and about right knee;

stretching arm; tensive drawing from left shoulder up to neck; lifting;

tensive drawing in left shoulder; pain in sacrum.

REST: Walking: pressure on right lung; motion: of leg or foot

< stitches in and left tibia.

TIME: Night: dull pain in occiput; neuralgia in cheek; tickling at

palate; erections.

Morning: burning in urethra when urinating; pain in feet.

Towards evening: spells of chilliness.

Evening: glittering before left eye; trembling, anxious feeling in

chest; toothache.

AGGRAVATIONS: Pain right eyeball < from touching lids; burning in

urethra when urinating, mostly in mornings; violent pain in sacrum when

lifting a slight load; tensive drawing, ascending from left shoulder to

nape of neck; < raising and extending arm; pain in right eyeball < from


AMELIORATIONS: Coffee relieves headache; burning in urethra before and

during erection, ceases during coition.

CAUSES: Mental work causes great prostration (Picric acid); when

cutting with shears, cramps in ball of thumb; pressure on right lung

after eating, or when walking; pressing in eyes after headache;

obstruction and pain in right ear after pressure in eyes.

MENTAL STATE: Exhilarated, mind very active; everything gives pleasure.

NOSE: Nosebleed, violent sneezing, expelling lumps of yellow phlegm;

running of water from nose; copious secretion of yellow phlegm.

MOUTH: Viscid saliva in mouth, raised by coughing; water in mouth with

tearing pains in molars.

ABDOMEN: Distended with wind; weak feeling in abdomen.

STOOLS: Piles; passes offensive flatus; stools soft and pappy; watery

diarrhoea; stools hard, like stone, knotty.

URINE: Dark, straw-colored; orifice seems agglutinated; presses to

urinate; urine escapes in divided streams.

SKIN: Rough, dry; dry, bran-like tetter in rings; groups of small

vesicles, smarting and itching, oozing a yellowish-brown lymph, which

soon turns into a scurf, new vesicles appearing beneath.

ULCERS and swelling on joints; promotes expulsion of splinters


RELATIONSHIP: Collateral relation. Cyclamen. Similar to Coffee

(joyous, excited); Picric acid (prostration after mental exertion);

Cyclamen (sneezing); Lithia carb. (rough skin, ringworm); Sepia,

Tellur. (ringworm); Pulsatilla (chilliness; catarrhs); smelling of

Rhus, and, an hour later, taking Col., relieved sacral pains. Rhus

relieved swollen gums.