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Categories: Beauty

A lotion Dr. Leonard recommends for the hair, especially
where it is coming out calls for two drams tincture cantharides, half an

ounce nux vomica, one dram tincture capsicum, one and a half ounces castor

oil, and two ounces of cologne. Apply with a bit of sponge twice a day.

A preparation which is tonic in its properties and is also said to darken

gray hair, and which certainly contains nothing injurious, calls for one

ounce of sage and a pint of boiling water, allowed to stand twenty-four

hours in an iron pot, and then filtered through filtering papers.

Digest half an ounce of pine tar in a pint of water for forty-eight hours,

stirring occasionally; filter, and put with the other fluid, then add one

pint of bay rum, one ounce each of cologne and tincture of cantharides,

two ounces of glycerin and ten ounces of distilled water. Apply daily,

using a tonic brush.