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Categories: Diseases of The Skin

An accumulation of pus (matter) in any part of the body.

External Abscess. Boil the knife, wash your hands in clean, hot, soapy

water. Wash the abscess and surrounding parts in hot water and good soap,

and rinse off with alcohol, a salt solution, or listerine, etc. Then make

a good deep clean cut and scrape out if necessary. Dress with a clean

linen gauze or absorbent cotton, Poultices may be used if you are careful.
r /> Such an abscess should be dressed twice a day. The inner dressing should

be soft and thick enough to absorb all the secretion given out between


MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Abscess, Beech Bark Poultice for. "Poultice made of

red beech bark and wheat bran," A poultice made of the bark will cause a

drawing feeling, and the wheat bran will retain the heat. The proportions

for making the poultice should be about half and half.

2. Abscess, Milk and Salt Poultice for. "Make a poultice of one cup of

hot milk and common salt three teaspoonfuls; salt added gradually so it

will not curdle. Cook until smooth and creamy, then add enough flour so it

will spread but not be dry. Divide this into four poultices and apply in

succession every half hour. This will remove the soreness and it should be

kept oiled until healed."

3. Abscess, More Good Poultices for. "Take equal parts of rosin and

sugar, mix well and apply for several days until the abscess is broken. If

this does not cause the abscess to break, poultice hourly with flaxseed