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ADDISON'S DISEASE. Diseases of the Suprarenal (above Kidneys) Bodies

Categories: Diseases of The Blood And Ductless Galnds

constitutional disease characterized by great weakness, stomach and bowel

symptoms, heart weakness, and dark coloring of the skin.

Causes. It usually occurs in men from twenty to forty years old. The skin

and mucous membrane and sometimes the serous, like the pleura, etc.,

membranes are pigmented (darkened).

Symptoms. There is a gradual onset of weakness, changeable symptoms in

the s
omach and bowels and darkening of the skin. There is great feeling

of fatigue and feeble irregular action of the heart; nausea and vomiting

and often absence of appetite and some diarrhea. The abdomen may be

painful and drawn back in the course of the disease. The pigmentation

(coloring of the skin) varies from the light yellow to dark brown, olive

or black. It usually begins on the skin or regions naturally pigmented; or

where pressure is exerted by the clothing. The mucous membranes are also

pigmented. Death may occur from fainting, extreme weakness, convulsions or

delirium or through tuberculosis. Usually death occurs within one year,

though this may occur in a few weeks to two years, sometimes after

intervals of improvement.


Treatment. This must be to meet the indications as they arise. It is a

serious disease and should be under the supervision of a competent