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Categories: Diseases of Women

This is absence of menstruation.

Causes. Delayed puberty, anemia (want of proper blood) chlorosis (green

sickness). diabetes, malaria, tuberculosis and acute illness may cause it.

Sometimes change of climate causes it and nursing baby too long.

Symptoms. If it is associated with atresia, that is, want of the normal

outlet, of course no signs of flowing can show, but colicky, cramp-like,

monthly pains appear in the lower abdomen. These increase in severity as

the retained blood distends the womb.

Treatment. If there is no opening for the vagina or cervix one must be

made, by operation. If it is due to anemia or chlorosis, Blaud's pills

will benefit. The following is the formula:

Dried Sulphate of Iron 2 drams

Carbonate of Potash 2 drams

Syrup--Sufficient quantity to make forty-eight pills.

Take one to three pills three times a day, after meals.