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Categories: Circulatory System

True angina, which is a rare disease, is characterized
by paroxysms of agonizing pain in the region of the heart, extending into

the arms and neck. In violent attacks there is the sensation of impending

death. Usually during the exertion and excitement, sudden onset of

agonizing pain in the region of the heart and a sense of constriction, as

if the heart had been seized in a vise. The pains radiate up the neck and

down the arm. The fingers may be numb. The patient remains motionless and

silent, the face usually pale or ashy with profuse perspiration. Lasts for

several seconds or a minute or two.

Treatment. Live an absolutely quiet life, avoid excitement and sudden

muscular exertion. During the attack, break a pearl of amylnitrite in a

handkerchief and inhale the fumes. These should always be carried. If no

relief is had in a minute or two chloroform should be given at once. It is

dangerous and you must look to your physician for advice and treatment.