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APPENDICITIS, Mothers' Remedies

Categories: Digestive Organs

Home Treatment Found Good for. "To
allay the pain and stop the formation of pus in appendicitis it is

recommended that a flannel cloth be saturated with hot water, wrung out,

drop ten to fifteen drops of turpentine on it and apply to the affected

parts as hot as the patient can bear. Repeat until relief is obtained.

Then cover the bowels with a thin cotton cloth, upon which place another

cloth wrung out of kerosene oil. This
ustains the relief and conduces to

rest and eventual cure. It is an essential part of the absorbent cure for

appendicitis, and since its adoption doctors do not resort to a surgical

operation half so often." The above is a standard remedy and will most

always give relief.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Appendicitis. The bowels should at first be

moved by an enema, The patient should be perfectly quiet in bed. The

ice-bag should be applied to the part, but wrapped in flannel and flannel

also on the skin, It must not be allowed to make the flesh too cool. This

coolness relieves the inflammation of the part. Small doses, from

one-tenth to one drop, of aconite can be given for the fever and

inflammation the first twenty-four hours. Dose every one to three hours.

But little medicine is now given in appendicitis.

Caution. Keep the bowels regular, especially if you have ever had

appendicitis before, also be careful of your eating. This disease will

attack high livers, hearty eaters and those with constipated bowels more

quickly than others.