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Ascites caused by an Ovarian Tumor

Categories: Digestive Organs

The tumor must be removed. I am not
in favor of indiscriminate operating, but operations often save lives. I

remember one case in which I very strongly urged the lady to have an

operation performed. It was a case of ascites, caused, as I was sure, by a

tumor of the ovary. The lady, as almost all people do,--and I do not blame

them for it,--dreaded even the thought of an operation, but she was

finally compelled to have an operation or die. She filled so full that it

was almost impossible for her to breathe. She went away from home in

terrible shape, almost out of breath, and returned home a well woman and

has remained so. Such cases formerly died. But not all cases of ascites

can be cured by an operation, it depends upon the cause. In many cases all

one can do is to doctor the cause, if that cannot be removed, make the

patient's remaining days as comfortable as possible.