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Bums from Alkali (like potash or strong ammonia)

Categories: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Vinegar poured over the
part, or dress with a mild solution of boric acid. One teaspoonful to four

ounces of water.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Bruises, Cold Water Prevents Coloring. "Bathe the

parts in cold water, prevents turning black and blue."

2. Bruises, Kerosene Relieves the Pain of. "Bathe freely with kerosene."

3. Bruises, Turpentine to Keep Proud Flesh
rom. "Rub the injured part

with turpentine and keep warm, and you will find this remedy to be one of

the best to keep proud flesh out and gangrene that has ever been used. I

always have turpentine in my home, and find that I have use for it often.

If once used you will never be without it."

4. Bruises, Bread and Vinegar Quick Remedy for. "Apply a poultice made of

hot vinegar and bread. A girl bruised her fingers with some iron rings in

a gymnasium. She applied this poultice at night, and they were well in the

morning. Since then I always use it for a bruise."

5. Bruises, Good Liniment for. "Where inflammation is under the thin

covering of the bone, dissolve chloral and camphor gum together. They

dissolve each other by putting together, and looks like glycerin. Apply

very little with tip of finger, put absorbent cotton on and bind up with

pure gum rubber band to keep it from evaporating as it is very volatile.

Rubber band must not be too tight, as it will cut off the circulation."

6. Bruises, Liniment Used in Ohio for. "Five cents' worth spirits

ammonia, five cents' worth spirits turpentine, whites of two eggs beaten,

one cup cider vinegar, two cups rain water." This gentleman from Ohio says

he has used the liniment for many years, and his neighbors have used it

with the utmost success. He recommends it as the best he ever used.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Bruises. 1. Tincture of Arnica applied from

one-half to full strength is very good.

2. Alcohol about two-thirds strength is also very good, gently rubbed in

the parts.

3. Cold or hot water applied with cloths.

4. Raw beefsteak (lean) is excellent. Place it on the bruise.

5. Lead and laudanum wash if the skin is not broken. Of course bruises

usually disappear in time. The above remedies will help. Heat applied at

some distance from the parts relaxes the surrounding vessels and promotes

absorption of the blood in the bruise.