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Care of the Breasts

Categories: Obstetrics or Midwifery

Careful attention should be given them from the
first. The nipples should be bathed after labor, with an antiseptic lotion

(bichloride, 1-2000), dried and then covered with castor oil, a small

square of clean sterile gauze being laid over each to protect the

clothing. Bathe the nipples before and after each nursing with a warm

saturated solution of boric acid and dry them carefully. The breasts may

be supported
y a binder, made of a strip of muslin sufficiently wide to

extend from above to well below the breasts. If they are heavy and sagging

place a layer of cotton at the outer border of each breast and they should

be raised toward the middle line, the binder being pinned only tight

enough to hold without pressing upon them. The breasts should not be

pressed upon by anything. Shoulder straps can be pinned or sewed on the

binder if it has a tendency to slip down. Should the breasts be much

swollen relief can be obtained by massage with warm olive oil and by the

use of a breast pump. The tips of the fingers only should be used in

giving massage and the stroke should be light, from the circumference to

the center. Roughness and pressure must be avoided.