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Categories: Beauty

The hair is kept in order by frequent brushings, which
excite the natural oil by which it is fed, and by washing it. Dr. Leonard,

an authority on the hair, says once a month is as often as the hair needs

washing. As a shampoo, he advises yolk of egg, well rubbed into the scalp

and roots of the hair, then washed out with tepid water and castile soap.

A brisk rubbing with dry towels excites the blood-vessels of the scalp.

is no doubt that this simple shampoo is more beneficial than many

new-fangled ones.

The hair should be taken down and well brushed every night, This removes

dirt and makes it glossy. Use a brush with bristles as stiff as you can

use without irritating the scalp too much, and keep it clean. Don't drag a

fine comb through the hair. The proper comb has regular and even teeth,

rounded, not sharp. If a tooth becomes split, remove it; it will break the

hair. Wire brushes are nothing more or less than combs, and are not as

good for the hair as good bristle brushes. Keep combs and brushes clean.