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CASTOR OIL (Oleum Ricini)

Categories: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

This is derived from the beans of Ricinis
Communis, a plant in the United States.

Action. It is bland and unirritating in its action as a purge and

generally acts in four to five hours.

Uses. It is used whenever irritant materials such as bad food, putrid

flesh, decaying vegetables have been eaten, to move the bowels. It is good

in diarrhea produced by above causes and others, such as corn, peanuts,

cherry stones, berries. It is apt to produce piles and constipation if

used constantly. It is often given in the form of capsules containing from

one-fourth to one teaspoonful. Dip the capsules in water, as this renders

them slippery and are easily swallowed. Dose is from one to six