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CATARRH. (Chronic Inflammation of the Nose, Chronic Rhinitis). Causes

Categories: Respiratory Diseases

Frequent attacks of colds, irritating gases and dust, adenoids, enlarged

tonsils, spurs on the septum (partition bone) or foreign bodies in the

nose, like corn, beans, stone, etc.

Symptoms and Course. There are alterations of the secretions: the amount

varies in the same case at different times. Sometimes it is thin and

watery, or thick, sticky mucus or this may alternate with more watery

discharges. It m
y be mucus and pus or entirely pus. Frequently the

secretions discharge into the throat and cause efforts to clear it by

hawking and spitting. The secretion sometimes dries and forms crusts in

the fore part of the turbinated bones and partition. Patients frequently

pick the nose for this crust and ulceration may result at that point from

its doing. Bleeding often occurs from picking the scales from the ulcers,

and perforation of the partition may take place from extension of the

ulceration. There is a feeling of stuffiness. There is some obstruction to

breathing. If there is much thickness of the structures, nasal obstruction

is a persistent symptom. Changed voice, mouth-breathing, etc., are

noticed. A sensation of pain or weight across the bridge of the nose is

sometimes complained of and this symptom is especially found associated

with enlargement of the middle turbinated body on one or both sides, etc.

1. Catarrh, Successful remedy for. "Dissolve in

one-half ounce olive oil as much camphor gum as it will take up. Moisten a

little finger with the oil, rub into the nostrils and snuff well up into

the head." The olive oil is very soothing to the diseased parts and the

camphor contracts the swollen mucous membranes, thereby relieving the

catarrh. This is an excellent remedy.

2. Catarrh, Cleansing Antiseptic Remedy for. "Snuff about one teaspoonful

of salt in cup of warm water every morning in nostrils. I have found this

remedy simple but fine for catarrh and also having sleeping room well

ventilated summer and winter will help in curing disease." This remedy

will be found very effective in catarrh because it loosens up the

secretions and cleanses the nose of the foul secretions and also has an

antiseptic action. This can be used twice daily. Snuffing should be done

very gently so as not to draw the water too far back.

3. Catarrh, Witch-Hazel for. "Pond's extract applied with nose spray."

Pond's extract is simply witch-hazel water and everyone knows that

witch-hazel water is healing and soothing to the membranes of the nose.

This may be used regularly twice a day.

4. Catarrh, Cure for.

Menthol 10 grains

Camphor Gum 10 grains

Chloroform 10 drops

Fluid Alboline 8 ounces

Mix. Apply in the nasal cavities with alboline atomizer.

5. Catarrh of head, Mullein Leaves. Treatment, etc., for. "Smoke dried

mullein leaves and blow the smoke through the nose, and in addition to

this, put a heaping tablespoonful of powdered borax in a quart of soft

water; syringe this up in the nose, and in addition to both of the above,

frequently inhale a mixture of two drams of spirits of ammonia, half a

dram tincture of iodine and fifteen drops of carbolic acid; smoke the

mullein, syringe the borax water and inhale the last mixture all as

frequently as convenient and it frequently will cure if kept up


6. Catarrh, Milk and Salt Wash for. "Mix together one teaspoonful common

salt, a teacupful milk, and half pint of warm water. Inject this into the

nostrils three times a day. You may use the same quantity of borax in

place of the salt, if you choose to do so."