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CEREBRAL ANEMIA. (Too little blood in the brain). Causes

Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

Heart disease,
general anemia, and mental excitement.

Symptoms. "Fainting spells," dizziness, the ears ring and there are spots

before the eyes; nausea and vomiting may go ahead of the fainting spells.

The face is pale, the pupils are dilated, the pulse is small and feeble,

and there may be cold sweating on the body. If you can remove the cause

the result is favorable.

Treatment. For the fainting fits:--Place the patient in the "lying down"

position and this frequently restores consciousness; loosen any tight

clothes, corset, waist, collar, etc. Give plenty of fresh air and do not

crowd. Keep quiet yourself; do not get excited. In mild cases, mild

stimulants may be necessary. Let the patient smell of camphor, put a cloth

with camphor or ammonia near the nose. In other cases amylnitrite and

strychnine may be necessary. Small doses of whisky or brandy frequently

help. Remove the cause. Give tonics for general anemia.