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Categories: Deformities

This results from protracted or periodic "sprees."

Symptoms. The face is red, the capillaries are dilated, eyes are watery,

conjunctiva is congested. There is chronic inflammation of the stomach,

which is characterized by morning vomiting; there is often hardening of

the liver, trembling of the hands and tongue; the memory is weakened and

judgment and will as well, especially until a stimulant has been taken;

often the person is irritable, careless, with loss of moral sense and in

extreme cases dementia. Peripheral neuritis is more common in men than in

women. It begins with sharp pain and tingling in the feet and hands;

paralysis affects the lower extremities, then the upper, and is most

marked in the further muscles of the limbs. The pain may be very severe,

with great tenderness. There is Arteriosclerosis (hardening of walls of

the arteries); often heart dilation.