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Categories: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

The expression, acute
inflammation of the middle ear, is rightly employed when it is applied to

a case in which the underlying cause is of a temporary nature, as for

example, a cold in the head, and mild attack of influenza, perhaps also in

an attack of hay fever. But when the causes are of a more permanent

character and the middle ear continues for an indefinite period to be the

seat of all sorts of disturbances the combinat
on of these different

diseased phenomena receives the name of chronic catarrhal inflammation of

the middle ear.

Causes. Troubles (lesions) located in the upper pharynx, the

naso-pharyngeal (nose-pharynx) vault and the nasal passages. Adenoids may

cause it.

The course of this disease has of recent years been growing more

favorable, because the causes are being removed more and more.

Symptoms. Symptoms of the acute inflammation would be present, and

impairment of hearing which sometimes comes so gradually as not to be

noticed by the patient. It will be better and then worse. A harassing,

hissing, blowing, ringing, usually accompanies it. Pains soon or later add

to the discomfort. One side is usually affected first.

Treatment. It must be devoted to removing the causes just mentioned.

Restore the general health. Abstain from alcohol, tobacco and excess of

all kinds. Active outdoor exercise, horseback riding, mountain climbing,

rowing, walking, etc., are great health producers.