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Categories: Homeopathy

Arsenicum alb. 3X trit. (tablet form), one to two
tablets four times a day when there is much emaciation and when there is

much desire to vomit.

Nux Vomica 3X trit. (tablet form). One to two tablets after meals when it

is caused by intemperance, eating too highly seasoned food, too much tea

and coffee. Bowels are generally constipated.

Pulsatilla 3X trit. (tablet form). One to two tablets after meals, when it

is caused by rich, greasy foods, such as cakes, pies, puddings, pork and

greasy gravies.

Carbo veg. 3X trit. (tablet form). Two tablets after meals when there is

much wind (gas) in the stomach.

Bryonia alb. 2X dilution, ten drops put in a glass half full of water and

take two teaspoonfuls after every meal and before retiring, when the

stomach is sore to touch, food feels like a load in the stomach, with sour

water coming up.