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CHRONIC INTERSTITIAL NEPHRITIS. (Sclerosis or Cirrhosis of the Kidneys)

Categories: Kidney and Bladder

This is met with, (a) as a sequence of the large white kidneys forming the

so-called pale granular or secondary contracted kidney; (b) as an independent

primary affection; as asequence of arterio-sclerosis.

Causes. The primary form is chronic from the onset, and is a slow

creeping degeneration of the kidney substance, and in many respects an

anticipation of the gradual changes which take place in the organ in

extreme old age. Families in which the arteries tend to degenerate early

are more prone to this disease. Doctor Osler says: "Among the better

classes in this country Bright's disease is very common and is caused more

frequently by over-eating than by excesses in alcohol."