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Categories: Homeopathy

Colocynthis 1X dil. Put ten drops in a glass half full of water
and give two teaspoonfuls every fifteen minutes until better. When the

pains are cutting, pinching, cramping, as if the bowels were pierced with

knives in the region of the navel and when the patient bends forward.

Nux Vomica 3X trit. (tablet form). One to two tablets every half hour

until better. When there is constipation, acid vomiting, distended


Chamomilla 1X dil. Colic in stomach region and is caused by bad food. Face

flushed, in teething children.

Mercurius 3X trit. (tablet form). One tablet every hour, when the pain is

in the liver, patient vomits much bile and has a diarrhea, both bilious

and fecal, with straining.

Podophyllum 3X dil. Ten drops in a half glass of water, two teaspoonfuls

every hour when the liver is too active, too much bile, colic is

aggravated by the bilious vomiting--jaundiced skin, bitter taste in the