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Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

The brain is too full of blood.

Causes. For Active Congestion. Over-exertion in study, etc.; chronic

pletbora (too much blood in the blood vessels); from constant use of

alcohol, tobacco, amyl nitrite, and from the stomach.

For passive congestion. Local obstruction to the return of blood from the

brain. Prolonged mental and physical exertion with excesses and irregular

living may cause it.

Symptoms of active kind. Head feels warm, face is red, the arteries in

the neck beat hard, violent headache, ears ringing, very restless and does

not sleep well.

Symptoms of the passive form. The headache is not so great; there may be

stupor, drowsiness and dull intellect and very sleepy.

Recovery. Favorable if the cause is removed.

Treatment for active congestion. Keep the patient absolutely quiet in a

dark, well aired room, with the head and shoulders raised, an ice bag or

cold cloths to the head and warm applications to the hands and feet. A

warm foot bath will aid in drawing the blood away from the head. Give

salts (salines) to move the bowels. These take away a great deal of water

from the blood and aid in relieving the congestion of the head.

Treatment for passive congestion. Remove the cause if possible. Give a

light nutritious diet; prohibit alcohol in any form; keep the bowels