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CORNS. (Calvus)

Categories: Diseases of The Skin

A small, flat, deep-seated, horny growth, mostly on or
between the toes.

Cause. Usually the result of too tight or too loose shoes. Due to

pressure and rubbing.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Corns, one of the Surest Remedies. "Take salicylic

acid, make a thick paste with flour, put on absorbent cotton and apply,

leaving same on several days; soak well and corn will come out." This is a

tried remedy and a good one. This is about as good a cure as

there is for corns. After this paste has been on the corn for three days,

it should be removed and the feet soaked well, and the corn scraped off.

2. Corns, Turpentine and Kerosene for. "A very simple remedy is to apply

turpentine or kerosene oil to the affected part on going to bed." It is

always a good plan to soak the feet well before treating the corn, as the

turpentine will penetrate more quickly.

3. Corns, to Remove Without Pain.

"Alcohol 1/2 ounce

Muriatic Acid 1 dram

Nitric Acid 1 dram

Oil of Rosemary 1 dram

Chloroform 2 drams

Tincture Iron 2 drams

Mix the above, and apply freely to the corn with little brush or feather

until it can be removed with thumb lance. It may require several


4. Corns, Onion a Cure for. "Soak a small onion in vinegar four hours,

then cut in two and bind on the corn at night. In the morning (if the

onion has remained over the corn) the soreness will be gone and you can

pick out the core. If not cured in first application repeat."

5. Corns, Castile Soap an Effective Remedy for. "Rub the corn night and

morning with castile soap, as often as possible shave it, being careful

not to cut deep enough to make it bleed." Be faithful in soaping it

thoroughly night and morning for several days until it disappears. This is

a very simple but effective remedy.

6. Hard Corns, Iodine a Successful Remedy for. "Paint the corns with

iodine every night for three nights, stop three nights, then apply three

nights again, and so on for two weeks." Have tried this and know it to be

very successful, especially good for hard corns.

7. Corns, Castor Oil for. "Apply castor oil; rub it thoroughly, then soak

feet. It will soften and remove corns."

8. Corns, Vinegar and Bread for. "Take bread and soak in vinegar for

twenty-four hours, put a plaster on for three or four nights. If not cured

on first application, repeat."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Corns. Remove the cause; soften them by

prolonged soaking in hot water, and then gently scrape off the softened

particles, continue this for several days; then put a narrow strip of

rubber or salicylated plaster (adhesive plaster) over to protect them from

pressure. The following is good to soften them:

1. Salicylic Acid 1-1/2 dram

Extract of Cannabis indica 10 grains

Collodion 1 ounce

Mix and paint on the corn for several days and after soaking corn scrape

it off with a sharp knife.

2. A Good but Weaker Remedy:-

Salicylic Acid 30 grains

Extract of Cannabis indica 5 to 10 grains

Collodion 1/2 ounce

Both of these prescriptions are good, the first being stronger with

salicylic acid.

3. When the corns are soft with inflammation, wash and dry the foot and

apply a solution of nitrate of silver, sixty to one hundred and twenty

grains to the ounce of water, to every part every four or five days.

Ulcerating Corns. Cauterize with nitrate of silver in stick form.