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Croup, Quick Cure for

Categories: Unclassified Remedies

"A quantity of raw linseed oil should always be at
hand in a family where the children are subject to croup. It is an

unfailing remedy, and for quick results it beats anything else which can

be given for that dread disease. Half a teaspoonful is a dose, unless the

child is choking very badly; then give a teaspoonful. It acts two ways. In

the first stage of croup, where there is not much mucus, it is loosened

and carried off through the bowels. In the second stage it causes

vomiting, but, unlike ipecac, it leaves no soreness of the throat as an

after difficulty. It is rarely necessary to give more than one dose, when

the child will get relief and go to sleep again. This simple remedy is one

that is within the reach of every mother, and one that can be kept on hand

at all times; and, while it is in the house the dreaded croup need cause

no terrors."