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Categories: Diseases of Women

A cyst is a cavity containing fluid and surrounded by
a covering (capsule). The duct (canal) of the gland of Bartholin, situated

in the labia majora, sometimes closes and the secretions of the gland are

not cast out, thus forming the cyst.

Cause. The closing is nearly always the result of gonorrhea.

Condition. The cyst is formed in the duct, the gland itself being

affected rarely. It contains a thi
sticky mucus. If the cyst arises in

the gland, the swelling is more deeply situated. These cysts may be

attacked with an acute inflammation and finally pus is formed in them, and

a very painful abscess is the result,

Symptoms. There are no symptoms except from the size of the swelling

unless an abscess occurs. Then there is an acute local pain, quite tender

on pressure, and often high fever.

Treatment. If the cyst is large it should be removed, especially if it

causes annoyance. If it becomes inflamed, rest in bed and cold

applications are indicated. If it goes on to an abscess, a free cut should

be made, the abscess scraped and good drainage given. Sometimes it is best

to use pure carbolic acid in the walls of the cyst.