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Category: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

This is usually the result of a disease and is merely a
symptom. Diseases of the middle ear, rupture of the drum membrane, and
large ulceration of this membrane cause it. Ear wax causes temporary
deafness. Diseases of the throat and nose cause it very often, and
deafness frequently accompanies catarrh of the nose. Adenoids cause it
sometimes, especially in children.

Treatment. The only way to prevent this trouble is to treat the disease
that causes it. Discharge from the ear, due to ear disease should be
treated from the first or it may cause permanent deafness in that ear.
Many cases of scarlet fever leave deafness behind in one ear at least.
This trouble should be closely watched during an attack of scarlet fever,
and in other infectious diseases and proper treatment given.

Chronic deafness is hard to cure; so often some of the deeper parts of the
ear are diseased. When a person recognizes that his hearing is growing
less acute he should have his ear examined. People often let the trouble
go too long before beginning treatment.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Deafness. 1. Quick and Effective Remedy for. "Five or
ten drops of onion juice put in the ear several times a day is very good.
If there is any pain in the ear, add a drop or two of laudanum, or you may
just use two or three drops of glycerin with the other ingredients. In
about an hour after treating the ear in this manner, syringe it well with
warm castile soap suds or warm milk."

2. Deafness. Often Tried Remedy for. "Take one dram each of tincture of
lobelia, tincture of gum myrrh, oil of sassafras, tincture of opium and
olive oil, mix and apply lint wet with the liniment in the ear, night, and
morning, then syringe out with warm water and castile soap."

3. Deafness, My Mother, in Galt, Found Mullein Good for. "Small blossoms
of mullein, fill bottles and cork, hang in sun till oil forms, drop three
drops every third day in the ear for three or four weeks. We tried this
successfully in our family."


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