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Categories: Diseases of Women

This is often caused by slow development of the
generative organs. The girl may not come around until seventeenth to

nineteenth year.

Causes. It may be due to heredity. Lack of proper nourishment and proper

exercise are the most important causative factors.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. l. Obstruction of Monthly Flow. An herb

combination for.

Poplar Bark 2 ounces
/> Ginger 1/2 ounces

Bayberry 1 ounce

Cinnamon 1/2 ounce

Anise Seed 1/2 ounce

Golden Seal 1/4 ounce

Mix well and give a teaspoonful in a cup of boiling water sweetened with

sugar two or three times a day. Excellent in obstructions of the monthly

periods, debility, loss of appetite, etc. This combination is fine when

used as a tonic. It is stimulating and has been known to cure many severe


2. To Promote the Menses, Smartweed for. "Smartweed is good to promote

the menses. Always steep in cold water; never boil. Dose. Two

teaspoonsful every hour. Be sure to take warm."