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Categories: Beauty

Dyed hair is a sorry makeshift at best. Far better let nature
have her way. There is but one hair-dye that is not positively harmful,

this is henna, and its use entails no end of trouble because it must be

frequently renewed,--some use it every day.

To prepare the dye, get a quarter pound of henna leaves; to this add two

quarts of cold water. Let stand on the back of the range where it will

steep slowly for four
or five hours. Add three ounces of alcohol and

bottle. Apply with a tooth-brush. It gives a sort of reddish-brown color.

Women whose hair is prematurely gray often use this, declaring their white

hair prevents them from obtaining or holding business positions. But where

hair has whitened prematurely there is always a freshness and vitality

about eyes and complexion that bespeaks youth.

Physicians strongly deprecate the use of hair dyes. No matter how

strenuously the label insists on "absolute harmlessness," the dye relies

for its effectiveness upon the presence of lead in some chemical

combination. The frequent application of lead to the scalp induces a

certain dangerous form of poisoning, which results in paralysis. If "dye

you must," pin your faith to henna.