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Categories: Mother's Diagnosis

This is very common in children. It comes frequently as an
extension through the eustachian canal of a cold. The ache is only an

evidence of congestion or inflammation in the ear. The child bursts out

crying violently and nothing seems to make it stop. It may cry for some

time then stop. When it is very young it is restless, and wants to move

constantly, and refuses to be comforted by the soothing embraces of its

mother. It i
quiet only a few moments at a time and again renews its

cries and restlessness. The cries are moaning and seem like hopeless

cries. A child or infant that cries that way and will not be quieted,

should be suspected of having earache, and hot applications of dry or wet

heat should be applied to the ear. If such symptoms are neglected, in a

few days you are likely to have a discharge running from the external

canal (meatus) and perhaps permanent injury may be done to the drum

membrane by ulceration. Warm water poured in the ear frequently relieves

common earache.