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Categories: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

This is an inflammatory disease of
the skin, and in the poorer classes it is very frequent. It is quite a

common disease in old age. It develops in other parts of the body at the

same time in a certain percentage of cases.

Causes. Soaps, alkalies, foreign bodies in the ear, removing ear wax and

a chronic discharge from the middle ear. There is a tendency to it in some

families; stomach trouble, improper food are
also causes.

Symptoms. Itching,--and this is very pronounced,--burning feeling. The

part is somewhat reddened, fluid oozes out, crusts form, the skin

thickens, and scales. Sometimes it swells very much.

Treatment. Regulate the bowels, give a simple easily digested and proper

food for children and adults. Cleanse the inflamed skin gently with

castile soap and tepid water once a day. Cloths dipped in some cooling

lotion, such as the lead and opium wash, or in plain water to which has

been added a little alcohol or eau de cologne, should be wrapped around

the inflamed ear during the acute stage and they should be kept wet. Clean

vaselin, etc., is good to put on the scabs. The ear should be covered as

before directed to keep dirt, dust, etc., out.