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First Thing to do in Sick Headache

Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

It is well to remain in a darkened
room away from noise, etc. If the head throbs and beats very hard, either

a cold ice bag or hot applications often bring relief. A mustard plaster

at the base of the brain with a hot foot-bath often helps. Some people by

stroking the forehead and temples have the power to ease the pain,

producing quiet and sleep. If the bowels are costive, salts should be

taken to move them, or they can be m
ved by an enema, if salts are not at

hand. If the stomach is full, or tastes sour, drink a lot of warm water

and vomit, or produce vomiting by tickling your throat with your finger,

after having taken a large quantity of warm water for sometimes warm water

thus taken fails to cause vomiting. If there is no food in the stomach,

but there is sour and bilious vomiting, the warm water will frequently

help. For a sour stomach or when it is full of gas, a teaspoonful of

baking soda in some hot water will often feel very pleasant and grateful.

The patient should keep absolutely quiet after these are done, and often

they fall into a refreshing sleep.