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Categories: Digestive Organs

This is a rapidly spreading gangrenous affection
of the cheeks and forms a rare occurrence and ending fatally in most

cases. The trouble may extend to the jaws and lips.

Causes. It is more common in girls and boys and usually appears between

the ages of two and five years. It is worse in the low countries like

Holland, but it is not contagious. It is more likely to attack the sickly

children suffering from the e
fects of overcrowding. It may follow

diseases like scarlet fever, typhoid fever, smallpox, etc.

Symptoms. It usually affects first the mucous membrane of one cheek, near

the corner of the mouth, as a dark, ragged, sloughing ulcer and spreads

for two or three days before the substance of the cheek is infected. If

you grasp the cheek between the thumb and finger you can then feel a hard

and sensitive lump. The cheek may be eaten through by the third day,

though a week generally passes before this happens. There is a burning

watery discharge from the unhealthy wound. The breath smells terribly and

it is almost unbearable. The gangrene may spread over one half of the face

of the side affected.

TREATMENT. The death rate is eighty to ninety per cent. This is a very

dangerous disease and a doctor must be in attendance. Cut, away all the

dead tissue by using burning caustics, such as fuming nitric acid, solid

zinc chloride, nitrate of silver, carbolic acid on the actual canker.

Sometimes mild applications like sub nitrate of bismuth, chloride of

potash or the following do well:--

Sulphate of copper 2 drams

Powdered cinchona 1/2 ounce

Water enough to make 4 ounces

Mix and apply. Peroxide of hydrogen is good as a disinfectant or boric

acid solution, etc., may be used. Keep up the patient's strength.

Fortunately this disease is rare. I have never seen a case in practice.

Salivation. Stop the mercury, keep the bowels open and use the same

antiseptic washes as directed for sore mouth.

Chlorate of Potash Solution, Soda Solutions, Boracic Acid

Solutions. Brush the ulcers with nitrate of silver sticks. Keep the mouth

clean with hot water washes and some of the antiseptics put in the water

as boric acid, soda, glycothymotine, listerine, etc.