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GONORRHEA (Urethritis)

Categories: Infectious Diseases

This can be called an infectious inflammation of
the urethra, caused by the gonococcus, a microbe or germ, causing a

specific inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra or vagina.

Incubation. The time that elapses between the exposure and development of

the symptoms in the urethra is variable, extending from a few hours to

twelve or fourteen days. In the great majority of cases, however, the

disease appe
rs during the first week. The patient notices a drop of

milk-like fluid at the opening of the urethra, which is slight, red and

puffed or turned out; a tickling sensation is often felt in this locality,

and the next time urine is passed it is attended with a feeling of warmth

at the end of the canal, or with actual scalding. After this the symptoms

increase rapidly in number and severity, so that within forty-eight hours,

or even sooner, the disease may be described as having passed its first or

increasing stage, the characteristic phenomena of which are as follows:

Changes in the meatus (opening). There are redness, eversion (turning

out), ulceration and eating away and often erosion of the lips of the

opening of urethra. Sometimes, but rarely, so much swelling that the

person can hardly pass the urine, which drops away. The other symptoms are

too well-known by those who have had this disease to need a description.

Prognosis. It is now considered more than a cold, and it is the cause of

terrible sickness in both sexes, among the innocent as well as the guilty.

Treatment. It may be cured perhaps in a short time, and yet no one can be

certain of its absolute cure. This disease is better understood now, and

the treatment is entirely different from formerly. The strong injections

are now considered not only useless but dangerous to the future health of

the patient. The best treatment is mild antiseptic injections, irrigation

carefully done by an expert person; remaining quietly in bed, being

careful to use food and drink that are not stimulating, keeping the bowels

open by proper diet and mild laxatives and the urine mild by soothing

diuretic remedies. Unfortunately those affected want quick work and they

get it, frequently to their future sorrow. The following are good

injections. Before each injection the urine should be passed and an

injection of an antiseptic like listerine, etc., one dram to an ounce of

boiled water, to cleanse the canal. You can use twice a day the following:

Fluid Extract Hydrastis (colored) 1 dram

Water 1 ounce

Use one dram of this for each injection. It stains the clothes so you must

be careful. This is good and healing.