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HEART DISEASE, Emergency Treatment

Categories: Circulatory System

For collapse or fainting, loosen
clothing, lie down, rub camphor on forehead, and keep quiet.

To Revive When Fainting. Smell of camphor or aromatic spirits of ammonia.

Put one to two teaspoonfuls of whisky or brandy in eight teaspoonfuls of

hot water, and give one or two teaspoonfuls at a time and repeat often.

Some are not accustomed to stimulants and it may strangle them, so give it

slowly. Pulse is weak in such cases, calling for stimulants.

2. Pearls of Amylnitrite. Break one in a handkerchief and put the

handkerchief to the patient's nose so that he may inhale the fumes.

Stimulant. A person with heart valvular trouble should always carry

pearls of amylnitrite. Inhale slowly so as not to get too much of it at