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Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

This is caused by intermittent, sudden contraction of the
diaphragm; obstinate hiccough is a very distressing symptom and sometimes

it is hard to control.


Causes. Inflammatory causes. It is seen in gastritis, peritonitis,

hernia, appendicitis, and in severe forms of typhoid fever. Irritative

causes. Swallowing hot substances, local disease of the gullet near the
/> diaphragm, and in many cases of stomach trouble and bowel disorder,

especially when associated with gas (flatus). Specific causes: Gout,

diabetes or chronic Bright's disease. Nervous (Neurotic) causes. Hysteria,

epilepsy, shock, or brain tumors.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Hiccough. Vinegar for. "One teaspoonful vinegar

sipped carefully (so it will not strangle the patient) will stop them

almost instantly."

2. Hiccough, Sugar and Vinegar Stops. "A few drops of strong vinegar

dropped on a lump of sugar and held in the mouth until dissolved, will

stop most cases of hiccoughs."

3. Hiccough, Sugar Will Relieve Patient of. "Place a little dry sugar on

the end of the tongue and hold the breath. I have tried this remedy after

others have failed and obtained instant relief."

4. Hiccough, Simple Remedy for. "Have patient hold both ears closed with

the fingers, then give them three swallows cold water while they hold

their breath."

5. Hiccough, Home Remedy to Stop. "Take nine swallows of cold water while

holding the breath."

6. Hiccough. Vinegar Stops. "One teaspoonful of vinegar thickened with

sugar and eaten slowly."

7. Hiccough, Cinchona Bark in Peppermint Stops. "Put about one-fourth

teaspoonful of cinchona bark, powdered in two ounces of peppermint water,

and give one teaspoonful every five or ten minutes until relieved, or

three drops of camphor and aqua ammonia in wineglassful of water," These

remedies are very good when the stomach is at fault, as they have a

stimulating effect.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Sudden start may check it in the light forms. Ice,

a teaspoonful of salt and lemon juice may be tried. Inhalations of

chloroform often relieve. Strong retraction of the tongue may give

immediate relief. Spirits of camphor, one teaspoonful. Tincture of cayenne

pepper one to two drops in water. Ten grains of musk by the rectum.

Hoffman's anodyne one teaspoonful in ice water is very good.