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Categories: Diseases of Women

Endometritis is an
inflammation of the lining membrane of the womb, with a tendency to extend

to the lining membrane of the fallopian tubes and to the peritoneum. These

are the acute and chronic varieties.

Causes. It may occur during an acute skin disease eruption, like that of

scarlet fever, and occasionally upon exposure to cold during menstruation.

The most frequent exciting causes are the microorganisms, lik

gonorrhea poison, etc.

Acute Variety. The whole mucous lining is inflamed. In severe cases the

whole mucous lining is destroyed and the deeper muscular tissues of the

womb are invaded.

Gonorrheal Variety. Symptoms. There is general pain in the lower bowel

region, in spells at first, later constant, with rapid rise of temperature

and pulse. A purulent (pus) discharge appears early from the cervix,

usually about the second day, and difficult and burning passing of urine

are early symptoms. There is inflammation of the vagina accompanying it in

about fifteen per cent of the cases, while inflammation of the fallopian

tubes, pus in the tubes, and local peritonitis are common results.

MOTHER'S REMEDY. Inflammation of the Womb. 1. A Good Tonic for. "For

inflammation of the uterus or ovaries try a hot sitz bath every day for a

week, and then every other day. In case of hemorrhage this bath is

invaluable, and will relieve when all other means have failed. It can be

taken during the hemorrhage, or at frequent intervals between times.

Remember, one should always lie down after a sitz bath. If desired you may

give aconitum tincture. Dose:--Two drops in a half glass of water,

tablespoonful doses every ten to thirty minutes according to the severity

of the case." If a woman has taken a severe cold, then the aconite should

be given, but under no other condition.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Dr. Child advises that the cervix be

dilated, and the interior of the womb, cervical canal and vagina swabbed

out with a ten per cent silver nitrate solution. Subsequently vaginal

douches (1 to 5000) corrosive sublimate solution followed by a salt

solution, one dram of salt to a pint of water, should be given for at

least one week. Keep the bowels open.