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Categories: Digestive Organs

Causes. Predisposing; poor general
condition, worry, over-work, nervous disposition. Exciting causes;

exposure, gas in the bowels, mass of feces, undigested or irritating food,

cold drinks, green fruit, ice cream when a person is very warm.

Symptoms. Intermittent pain usually in the umbilical (navel) region,

moving from place to place, dull or sharp pain, relieved by pressure or

bending forward. Abdomen is diste
ded or drawn back. It lasts a few

minutes or many hours, ending gradually or suddenly, after a passage of

gas or movement of the bowels.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. 1. Remove cause first if possible. Mild cases; put

heat to the abdomen by hot water bag, wring cloths out of hot water and

put in them ten drops of turpentine and place over the bowels hot. Give

dose of peppermint water or ginger tea.

2. Severe case. Morphine hypodermically, if necessary, in a severe case;

mustard poultice is good, also a spice poultice.

3. Tincture of Colocynth (bitter cucumber) is an excellent remedy for this

trouble. I have often used it with great success. Put five drops of it in

a glass half full of water and give two teaspoonfuls every fifteen minutes

until relieved. A few doses generally relieve the patient.