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ITCHING OF THE ANUS. (Itching Piles) (Pruritus ani).Causes

Categories: Digestive Organs

An inherited
or an acquired nervous constitution. Disease of the colon, rectum or anus.

Improper diet. Skin affections in that region. Operations about the rectum

and anus with resulting discharge sometimes. Diseases in the neighboring

organs. Disease of the general system. Diarrhea, discharge of mucus and

pus, fissure, etc. Irregular habits and dissipation. Over-seasoned foods

such as lobster, salmon, shell-fish and foods co
taining much grease or

starch are especially conducive to it; the same is true of tea, coffee,

cocoa, strong alcoholic drinks. Skin diseases, lice, pin worms often cause


After Operations. Some part has not healed, and there is left an

irritating discharge.

Symptoms. There is intense itching at the anus, increased by warmth, and

contact of the buttocks. The itching grows worse after the patient becomes

warm in bed. It may spread and extend to the scrotum, down the limbs and

sometimes over the lower back.


DIET. May Take. Strong drink must be prohibited; tea, coffee, cocoa, if

used at all should be sparingly used. A light diet such as bread, milk,

eggs, nourishing soups, kumiss and a little fresh fish, broiled steak,

etc., may be used.

May Not Take--Hot cakes, pastry, parsnips, cheese, pickles, beans,

cucumbers, cabbage, oatmeal, pork, shell-fish, salmon, lobster, salt fish,

confectionery and starchy or highly seasoned foods are to be prohibited.

Regular meals, no lunches between meals, and the patient must not over-eat

at any time. Long course dinners and over-indulgence in highly seasoned

foods and wines aggravate it.

Remedies for Bath. The bowels should move daily and the parts should be

kept clean. The parts should be bathed with hot water or weak solutions of

carbolic acid, alcohol or listerine, the heat being especially soothing.

Bathing the parts with bran, oatmeal, flaxseed, salt, rice, slippery elm

teas, or tar water adds much comfort to these parts. Do not wash much with

soapy water.

1. Separate the Buttocks with Gauze, a thin layer of cotton or a piece of

soft cloth. This eases the soreness, pain and itching by absorbing the

secretions and preventing irritations while walking. The patient should

not scratch the parts. Direct pressure over the itching parts with a soft

cloth, or by drawing a well oiled cloth across the sore parts several

times gives relief.

2. Dr. Allingham Recommends the introduction of a bony or ivory

nipple-shaped plug into the anus before going to bed. It is self

retaining, about two inches in length, and as thick as the end of the

index finger. He claims it prevents the night itching by pressing upon the

many veins and terminal nerve fibres of the parts. When the rawness is

extensive and the parts are highly inflamed, the patient should be kept to

bed and kept on his back with the limbs separated until the irritation is


3. Local Applications. Soothing remedies: These can be used when the

parts are inflamed and raw. Lead and opium wash, or boric acid, or linseed

oil, or starch, or cocaine, and zinc stearate with boric acid. This form

of zinc adheres to the parts when rubbed on, and is thus more valuable.

4. The following is good to dust in the parts:--

Boric Acid 2 drams

Stearate of Zinc 2 drams

Talcum 1 dram

Apply as a dusting powder.

5. The following is good for the raw parts:--

Carbolic Acid 1 scruple

Menthol 10 grains

Camphor 10 grains

Suet enough to make 1 ounce

Mix. Apply freely two or three times daily after cleansing the parts.

Melt the suet and when partially cold, add the other ingredients.

6. The following is good for the itching and to heal the raw surfaces:--

Carbolic acid 1 dram

Zinc oxide 1 dram

Glycerin 3 drams

Lime water 8 ounces

Mix and apply once or twice daily to relieve the itching.

7. Carbolic acid 1 dram

Calamin prep 2 drams

Zinc oxide 4 drams

Glycerin 6 drams

Lime water 1 ounce

Rose water enough to make 8 ounces

Mix. Keep in contact with the itching area by means of gauze or cotton

while the itching is intense.

8. For injections into the rectum for rawness of the mucous membrane, the

following is well recommended. Use three drams of this at one time.

Fluid extract Witch Hazel 2 ounces

Fluid extract Ergot 2 drams

Fluid extract Golden Seal 2 drams

Compound tincture Benzoin 2 drams

Carbolized Olive or Linseed Oil 1 ounce

Carbolic acid 5 per cent

Mix and shake well before using.

9. For the same purpose:--

Ichthyol 1 dram

Olive oil 1 ounce

Mix and apply in the rectum on a piece of cotton.