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Categories: Diseases of Women

Vulvae or Pruritus. This intense itching is the
characteristic symptom. With the itching there is more or less swelling of

the parts and extreme nervous irritability.

Causes. This is doubtful; some think it is a purely nervous condition.

Parts irritable. The upper angle of the labia majora and the mons veneris

are the usual locations. The skin is inflamed thickened, raw, from the

continual scratchi

Symptoms. The itching and burning are almost unbearable at times,

beginning most often around the clitoris, coming in paroxysms and made

worse by warmth and motion.

In chronic cases the skin is a little thickened and looks dull and dry and

is covered with small cracks and scratches, the result of the patient's

efforts to stop the itching.

Treatment. Systematic, general tonic treatment. Diabetes, gout,

irritating discharges from the vagina and rectum should be removed. Pin

worms and highly acid urine sometimes cause it in children. Internally the

bromides to quiet the nerves and arsenic to build up the system should be


Local. Strong solutions of corrosive sublimate (1 to 1000), nitrate of

silver, tincture of iodine, and cocaine ointment give temporary relief.

Sometimes an operation is necessary.