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Categories: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

A lens is made of glass and prisms graded in strength, one surface
curved, and has the power of refracting or changing the direction of the

rays of light. A prism is wedge-shaped and bends rays of light towards its

base. A great many people are troubled with their eyes, much more than

years ago. We even see little children wearing glasses. It is unfortunate,

but true, that even more children and grown people should wear them.

Fitting glasses is an art in itself. It takes more ability to fit glasses

well than it does to operate well. Poorly-fitted glasses are not only

annoying to the wearer, but dangerous. Glasses rest the eyes, not tire

them. When the eyes water and feel tired or strained, even after using

them but little, glasses are needed. Headaches are frequently caused by

the eye strain. When glasses are needed it does not pay to put off getting

them and the person needing them should go to one competent to properly

fit them. A great many eyes are hard to fit, and they need not only

ability to fit them well, but time and attention must be given to fitting

them properly.