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Categories: Diseases of Women

Cancer or carcinoma is a malignant
disease of the neck (cervix) of the womb.

Causes. The immediate cause is not yet known. Tears and erosions

(scraping off and making raw) are supposed to act as direct causes.

Symptoms. Bleeding is the early and very important symptom. After the

change of life (menopause) is over if bleeding occurs and continues it is

a very bad sign and the womb should be examined
immediately. Later, a

watery bloody discharge appears, with pain, loss of weight and general

weakness. Pain is not an early symptom. It appears when the disease has

spread to the nearby tissue.

Treatment. The only thing to do is to operate and the earlier the better.

The womb and all its belongings should be removed. If this is done early

it is very successful. If the case is too far advanced, the only thing to

do is to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

For the pain, morphine or opium should be given.

For the discharge, hot water and corrosive sublimate (1 to 2000) is the

strength to be used. This should be used daily as an injection into the


Cancer of the Body of the Womb is found in only about two per cent of womb


Treatment. An early operation is then necessary. The chances of obtaining

a cure if operation is done is better even than in cancer of the neck of

the womb. There is less chance for the adjoining structures to be affected

so early and readily.