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Categories: Digestive Organs

1. Constipation, a Good Substitute for Pills and Drugs"Two ounces each of figs, dates, raisins, and prunes (without

pits) one-half ounce senna leaves. Grind through meat chopper, and mix

thoroughly by kneading. Break off pieces (about a level teaspoonful) and

form into tablets. Wrap each in a wax paper and keep in covered glass

jars, in a cool place. Dose. One at night to keep the bowels regular.

Very pleasant to take."

2. Constipation, Substitute for Castor Oil. "Take good clean figs, and

stew them very slowly in olive oil until plump and tender, then add a

little honey and a little lemon juice, and allow the syrup to boil thick.

Remarks. Keep this in a covered glass jar and when a dose of castor oil

seems necessary, a single fig will answer every purpose. Not unpleasant to


3. Constipation, Hot Water for. "A cup of hot water, as hot as one can

drink it, a half an hour before breakfast." The hot water thoroughly

rinses the stomach and helps the bowels to carry off all the impurities.

4. Constipation. Excellent Nourishment for Old People. "A tablespoonful

of olive oil three times a day internally for weak or very old people: it

can be injected,--used as an enema." Olive oil will be found very

beneficial for young people as well as old. It acts as a food for the

whole system and is very nourishing.

5. Constipation, Salt and Water for. "A pinch of salt in a glass of water

taken before breakfast every morning. I have found it a very good remedy."

This is a remedy easily obtained in any home and will be found very

helpful. Few people seem to realize how valuable salt is as a medicine. It

acts as a stimulant and loosens the bowels.

6. Constipation, Water Cure for. "Drink a quantity of water on retiring

and during the day." This simple home remedy has been known to cure

stubborn cases of constipation if kept up faithfully.

7. Constipation, Tonic and Standard Remedy for. "Calomel one ounce, wild

cherry bark one ounce, Peruvian bark one ounce, Turkish rhubarb ground one

ounce, make this into one quart with water, then put in sufficient alcohol

to keep it." Dose:--Take a small teaspoonful each morning when the bowels

need regulating, or you need a stimulating tonic.

8. Constipation, Glycerin and Witch-Hazel Remedy Where Castor Oil Failed--

"Equal parts of glycerin and witch-hazel." Dose :--One teaspoonful every

night at bedtime. In severe cases where you have been unable to get a

movement of the bowels by the use of other cathartics, take a teaspoonful

every two hours until the bowels move freely. This remedy has been known

to cure when castor oil and other remedies have failed.

9. Constipation, Well-known Remedy for.

"Fluid Extract Cascara Sagrada 1 ounce

Syrup Rhubarb 1 ounce

Simple Syrup 2 ounces


One teaspoonful at night or fifteen drops four times a day for an adult.

10. Constipation, Effective Remedy, in the most Stubborn Cases of.

"Fluid Extract Cascara Sagrada 1 ounce

Fluid Extract Wahoo 1 ounce

Neutralizing Cordial 2 ounces


Adults may take a teaspoonful of this mixture before retiring, this will

be found very effective in the most stubborn cases of constipation.

11. Constipation, Remedy from a Mother at Lee, Massachusetts.

"Senna Leaves 1/2 pound

English Currants 1/2 pound

Figs 1/4 pound

Brown Sugar 1 large cup

Chop all together fine. Dose:--One-fourth to one-half teaspoonful every

night. Do not cook. The best remedy I know."

12. Constipation, Fruit and Hot Water Cure for. "Drink a pint of hot

water in the morning before eating. Eat fruit, plenty of apples, eat

apples in the evening, and they will loosen the bowels. Chew them fine,

mix with saliva."

13. Constipation, Herb Tea for. "One ounce senna leaves steeped in

one-half pint of hot water, with a teaspoonful of ginger powdered; strain.

This is a most certain and effective purge, and mild in its action upon

the bowels. Dose:--A cupful at bedtime. This is far superior to salts."

14. Constipation, Purshiana Bark Tea Without an Equal for. "An infusion

of one ounce of purshiana bark to one pint of boiling water; infuse for

one hour and strain. It stands without an equal in the treatment of

constipation in all its varied forms. Dose:--One teaspoonful, morning and

evening according to symptoms or until the bowels are thoroughly

regulated." This is fine for constipation, especially if of long standing.

It may be used in connection with cascara. This will give relief when

other remedies fail.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Constipation. Too much reliance has been placed

upon medicine in the treatment of this disease and too little attention

given to diet, and the establishment of regular habits in eating,

exercising, sleeping and attending to the calls of Nature. Also, local

disease of the rectum has been overlooked until of late years. Remedies of

a laxative and cathartic nature soon lose their power and the dose must be

repeated or a new remedy must be given. This method of treatment is well

recommended and is very good.

1--Stretching of the sphincter.

2--Frequent rectal and abdominal massage.

3--Copious injection of warm water (in the beginning only).

4--Application of electricity over the abdomen and in the rectum.

In addition to this treatment which must be carried out by a physician the

patient must observe the following rules: Go to stool daily, and as near

the same time as is convenient, correct errors of diet. Drink an abundance

of water and eat sufficient fruit. Take plenty of outdoor exercise; take a

cold bath every morning followed by a thorough rubbing. Dress warmly in

winter and cool in summer. Change of temperature or climate if the case

demands it. Be temperate in all things affecting the general health.

Stretching the sphincter must be done carefully, but in a thorough manner.

It can only be done properly by an experienced person. Stretching of the

sphincter closes the opening so that the feces are not passed at all

times. It is circular in shape. Sometimes this grows larger, stiffer, or

it acts spasmodically. The opening is often so tight in some people that

it is difficult to introduce even a finger, and it frequently produces a

spasm of pain in the bowels, stomach and head to do so. This kind will

produce constipation or make it worse. In such cases it should be

stretched thoroughly but carefully so that the muscle will be able to

close the opening and the bowel contents will not pass at any time

unhindered. There are two methods of stretching the muscle--forcible or

gradual. The forcible method is generally done by inserting the two thumbs

into the anus and stretching the muscle thoroughly in every direction

until there is no resistance. (Dilators are made for this purpose, but

unless they are very carefully used they will tear the muscle). The

forcible method should be done under an anesthetic. Gradual stretching is

done when an anesthetic cannot be used. It is better to do too little than

to do too much at the first sitting. The muscle is very stubborn

sometimes, and it requires careful handling or the irritability will be

increased. An instrument in the hands of a careful man is all right. They

can be stretched by the fingers or the Wales' bougie, thus: Patients

should come to the office two or three times a week, the instrument

(bougies) are introduced and allowed to remain within the bowel until the

muscle resistance is overcome, and many times their withdrawal will soon

be followed by a copious stool. Forcible stretching is seldom required

more than once, if a large sized instrument is used from time to time

afterward, just as in gradual stretching; when thorough dilatation has

been accomplished, the muscle instead of acting as an impassable barrier

to the discharge of the feces, now offers only passive resistance, but

sufficiently strong, however, to prevent any unpleasant accidents, yet not

strong enough to resist the power of the expulsory muscles when the latter

are brought into full play during stool. Large quantities of feces do not

now accumulate; consequently the pressure upon the mucous membrane and

neighboring nerves is eliminated, and the bowel regains its normal

sensibility and strength. There are now sold dilators in sets for self use

in almost every drug store. These when used continuously do good and

successful work.